Levi and Elyse | Newborn Photography

Some of you may have head about my cousin Elyse, who at 28 weeks of her pregnancy, was involved in a terrible car accident that saw her rushed to hospital with a shattered pelvis and the health of her unborn baby unknown. Her baby, a little boy, had to be delivered as a result of the accident.

Born 12 weeks early, and weighing little more than 1200g, little Levi was facing the fight of his life; to stay alive. Brave and strong, just like his beautiful mum, Levi spent the first couple of months of his life in the NICU at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne, while Elyse was in a different hospital, The Royal Melbourne, trying to get well herself.

It was a long haul for Elyse, Ben, Addison and Levi, and all of her family who were courageous as each day meant a day closer to Elyse and Levi being able to go home.

That day finally came, when Levi was 9 weeks old (Elyse would have still been 37 weeks pregnant).

Here are some images of Elyse and Levi taken during those first couple of weeks home (and a couple from those first few days in NICU).

Such an inspirational Mum and baby <3 xxx [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full"]

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