FAQs and other details!

I’m interested in hiring you, can I view an entire wedding gallery?
Certainly, I think that this is very important when selecting your wedding photographer.  I am more than happy to show you a full wedding which will give you a good idea of what you can expect the coverage of your wedding to look like.

What sort of equipment do you bring to a wedding?
I use professional Nikon cameras, lenses and flash equipment.  My cameras have dual memory card slots, so I am essentially doing a complete backup at the same time I am shooting!  I also have backup equipment should it be needed (this has never happened yet!).  I have invested a great deal in my equipment to ensure the quality of my work.

Can I get a DVD of the photos?
Years ago, before digital photography was the norm, most people didn’t have access to negatives from their wedding, as the photographer kept them.  Today, with the digital age upon us, the first thing I am asked when talking to a bride or groom is “Can we have a DVD of the files?”.  This is why I offer the DVD with my Wedding Packages, because I know you are going to want them anyway!

Why should I buy prints form you?
I often have people ask me if they have to order prints through me, as they would prefer to just have the DVD of digital files and print them at their leisure.  The problem with this is that I have no control over where you decide to print your images, which in turm means that I have no control over the quality of the final prints, and this reflects on my work.

The lab I use is a professional lab, that only prints for professional photographers, using professional paper with archive quality inks.  All my images are retouched and colour corrected prior to printing to ensure optimal quality, this is something that is not done at common photo kiosks.  This takes a great deal of time, and is why it costs a bit more than going to the local shopping centre to have your photos printed.

How many photographs do you take at a wedding?
I present my couples with anywhere from 400 to 800 images.  This includes a mixture of colour, black and white, and special treatments such as vintage finishes.  On average, for every hour that I shoot, there are 2-3 hours of editing involved in the post-processing of your images.

When you photograph a wedding, how long do you need for the formal photographs?
Whilst they may not be the most fun photos to have taken, I feel that it is important to have formal photographs or family photos taken.  I like to allow around 20-30 minutes, this is not long when you think about the groups that need to be organised.  The amount of time we spend depends on what the bride and groom want, and also if we are allowing family members to take photos at the same time.

When do you take photos of the couple or bridal party?
Generally, these photos are taken in between the ceremony and the beginning of the reception.  Often while the guests are enjoying pre-dinner drinks we will be off taking shots at a variety of locations.  Some couples choose to have these photos taken prior to the ceremony, which is fine, however if you prefer to wait until after the official part of the day, then it’s a good idea to allow an hour or two (or more!) on top of the time allocated to family photos, for us to go off and take these shots.  There are no restrictions as to where we go for these shots, however you will need to factor in travel time between locations to ensure that we have time before you need to get back to the party!

What is a DVD slideshow?
The slideshow is something I create using the images I have taken, put to music; it tells the story of your wedding day from beginning to end.  I often have couples tell me that this is their favourite product in all of my packages, and that they sit and watch it over and over again!

We are back from our honeymoon; what happens next?
Within 6 weeks, your proofs will be available for you to view.

You will be invited to come to a viewing session, during which you will be shown a slideshow of the images from your wedding day.

If you have chosen a package containing an album, you will be shown a pre-designed album plan (this can be changed of course – however it is designed in a way that I feel best tells the story of your day).  Once your album layout is finalised and you sign off on it, it will be sent to the printer and album maker.  The time needed for an album to be made is generally 10 weeks.

After the viewing session, I will email you the link for your online gallery.  You are encouraged to invite family and friends to view your online gallery so that they are able to order prints if they wish.  I will also provide you with an order form that you can complete and pop in the post.  Prints will need to be paid for upfront, by either bank deposit, cash, credit card or eftpos and generally take around 4-6 weeks for printing.

When your prints and album arrive, I will give you a call so we can arrange a time for you to collect them, along with the DVD of files and any other products in your package.