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Newborns are wonderful!  They are so tiny and innocent, with the world at their feet.  And that’s why I love to photograph them.  Especially when they really are very newborn!   I am incredibly capable, and comfortable in handling your precious newborn baby – I know just how precious they are as I have two children myself!

A newborn session takes anywhere from one to two hours, depending on how settled your baby is.  This also allows for feeding and changing as required.  You are more than welcome to have some family shots taken during the session, infact, it’s something I really want you to consider.  After all, how often are we, as parents, photographed with our children?  We want our children to have some treasured memories of us too, so that they can look back on photographs for years to come and remember “oh, that’s what Mum and Dad looked like when I was first born”.  I think it’s so important to exist in photos, if not for ourselves, but for our children.

It’s very important that the session is held before the baby is 14 days old.  This is the best time to get those lovely sleeping curly poses and makes for a smoother running session.  To ensure that your newborn photographic session can be accommodated, it’s important for you to give me your due date, so that I can tentatively make some time for your session in my diary.  I then ask for you to give me a call the day after your baby has arrived so I can get you in as early as possible.

A gallery of images from past sessions can be found here.

I have a lovely range of products for you to choose from, so you can show off your gorgeous newborn baby to the world!

Please give me a call on (03) 9778 9766 to have a chat or via the contact page.